Caress of Magic by Katrina Lafond

Caress Of Magic by Katrina LaFond

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney
Caress of Magic by Katrina LaFond

My rating: 4 of 5 stars 

Gifted for an honest review. 

Do you believe in magic? When I hear the word witches, I think pointy hat and big nose with a huge spot somewhere on there faces but of course it’s now 2015. We have pretty witches in fact hot sexy little witches that can cast spells.
Kate is a witch, beautiful and protective of those around her. Ethan is a hunter of all things evil like vampires. He is in love with Kate and the man is a hunk. Every witch should have one. Actually all woman should have one, why should witches have all the fun.

The story starts off where immediately there is danger and Kate disappears. Ethan believes she is dead and honestly many a human would be dead but this is a witch. Why he never thought to go find her is a huge disappointment to Kate. 

She remembers nothing of her former life for months and then when she realises she had a man that loved her, she made her way back, only to find things were not the same.

Imagine Ethan’s surprise looking up and seeing Kate standing there after believing she was dead.

Hello complicated life! 

Ethan wants Kate back but she refuses, she’s hurting, feeling let down by the man who was supposed to love her the most.

Not only is their love-life rocky, but they have enemies all around them. Evil, disgusting creatures that need to be dealt with.

Vampires, Zombies all wanting to kill them. 

Kate is captured and tortured and it’s horrific. I would have died of fright never mind living long enough to endure the kind of things that happened to her.

This is a really good read taking you on a journey of love, magic, spells and good fighting against evil.

If you like a touch of paranormal with some erotic love scenes or I should say HOT love scenes then this book is for you.

To sum up this book. I’d have to say it’s MAGIC!! 

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