Love and Punishment by Susan Mac Nicol

Love and Punishment by Susan Mac Nicol

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My rolling pin is now in the bin. Why you ask? Well you seriously need to read to find out.

This book was a little bit on the dark side but had a great story. I’m so used to boy meets girl or boy meets boy and live happily ever after that this book shocked me but in a good way. I could not put it down.

Anthony is a police detective and very good at his job. He has a very protective nature, extremely good looking and he’s Italian. YUMMY!!

The man in Anthony’s life is called Flynn another hottie. He’s a journalist and they are both completely in love with each other.

When a huge case that Anthony is working on starts to affect his personal life things go from bad to worse.

There is a killer on the loose and Flynn is in danger. Anthony will do everything he can to protect him and his friends.

People have lots of different views on the right course of punishment to fit each crime. Many believing in the justice system like Anthony’s partner at work Rupert. He reminds me of a bible basher, people that constantly preach.

However Anthony has his own views and it’s no secret what he’d like to see happen to these monsters that commit serious, disturbing and hateful crimes and I have to say I agree with Anthony.

There are quite a few characters in this book that I’d love to hear more about like Flynn’s ex boyfriend Kieran and their new friend Marshall. Both very loveable characters.

Overall this book was outstanding because the story was gripping. The research that writers need to do in order to give the reader the best account possible did not go unnoticed in this book.

Had to be 5 rolling stars, pun intended. I highly recommend this book to readers that love the M/M Genre but also love a gripping story.

Warning does contain scenes of abusive violence.

Once again I thank you Author Susan Mac Nicol for taking me on a journey of love, life and a serious killing spree.

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