just Jack by KL Shandwick 

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney 
just Jack 

by K.L. Shandwick

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Jack the lad. Jack the joker of the pack. Jack the journalist. Jack the loveable guy. Jack the ladies man. Hmmm no chance he’s just Jack to me.

I read The Everything Trilogy and fell in love with Jack’s character. I just knew he was someone I wanted to hear more about and thankfully I was not disappointed. When you build an image in your mind of what would happen or how you see him then read his story it’s even better than you could have imagined.

Jack loses Lily to Alfie, not that Jack ever had Lily in that sense,but they have been a lot closer than most best friends. It’s time for Jack to find himself. For him to see where his future is taking him without Lily by his side.

‘just Jack’ takes you on one incredible journey. First we have the socialising Jack. Going clubbing with his friends Dave and Sam, meeting new friends, okay hook ups, one night stands or two in Jack’s case, huh? Yep he’s up for anything, literally.

Jack has trouble facing up to a few things, although everyone thinks he’s happy go lucky, he is terribly unhappy with how things are turning out and hearing a few home truths is a shocker for him.

Jack goes on a adventure, no one knows where or what he’s up to but it’s a journey that he hopes will help him discover himself.

On Jack’s return from his long adventurous holiday things do not go according to plan. He is definitely back in the real world.

His life has hit the all time rock bottom. He is disliking Lily something I never thought I’d see and avoiding her like the plague.

She kept something from him, something very important and he is struggling as to why and what it all means.

You know what they say though, once you hit rock bottom there is only one way and that’s UP.

Jack was meant for better things in this life. He has so much to offer. He goes on tour with Rick Fars and if you read The Everything Trilogy you will know that this tour will definitely do Jack the world of good.

Fun and laughter are the perfect medicine, that and Rick Fars niece, Mya.

Mya and Jack actually become great friends and he’s frighten to ruin that and clearly he doesn’t want Rick on his back.

Once Jack returns home life becomes very complicated. There is so much going on, everything is happening so fast the poor guy hasn’t got time to think properly. Only thing he knows is what’s right and what he feels and that will see him through.

I am bursting to give you all the details but I know that would be unfair of me. Trust me when I say whatever you thought you seen Jack doing with his life, it will not be that LOL.

He will however get is happily ever after because let’s face it he’s not just Jack, he’s Jack Cunningham the Jack we all love.

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