The Need: An Erotic Thriller by S.L. Hannah



The Need: An Erotic Thriller by S.L. Hannah
My rating: 4 of 5 starsWow!!!! This book was one twisted, messed up, torturous and gripping story!
Angie is a naive young woman in a relationship with Eric, one night she meets Heather at a bar when she was expecting to meet Eric for an evening out. Everything that happens next is a bizarre twist of fear, lust, desires, deceit, suspense and edge of your seat thriller! I had it all wrong, one moment I was sure I knew what was next and then the next I was blown away. This story made me think, wonder about the human psyche. What makes a person do certain things and how would you react or behave in certain situations that may seem strange to one person but perfect and heaven to another? Dangerous and complicated to one, but exactly what you desire to another? What and how things that happen to us and how that can affect us. I was stunned, wowed and certainly captivating by this tale. I won’t lie, it made me think about certain things for myself. I am giving this book 4.5 stars, but that is only because “I” wish it was longer, I felt that this story needed a bit more. Despite that, I would certainly recommend this book to my friends.

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