A Solitary Man by Shira Anthony & Aisling Mancy


REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

A Solitary Man by Shira Anthony
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Solitary a word with various definitions. Confinement being one of them, to be totally isolated from life. Maybe locked in a room or a cell as punishment.
Lonely is another, someone who isolates themselves from others, existing through life unaccompanied.

While reading this book I found that I understood both sides of this definition and found them both equally sad.
I always endeavour to give an honest account in my review and I have to say that this story was overwhelmingly powerful.
A Solitary Man literally gripped my heart and squeezed it tight but yet I couldn’t stop reading.

Xavier ‘Xav’ Constantine who’s previously worked as an FBI agent now a deputy sheriff has possibly the worst job in the world but I guess someone has got to do it. He’s working on a case dealing with child trafficking. These people are sadistic, pure evil. It’s Xav’s job to bring them to justice. Not an easy task considering the lengths these vicious, inhuman criminals will go to.

Chance Evan Fairchild an Assistant District Attorney is having a hard time keeping drugs out of Dare’s Landing. His boss doesn’t help matters by covering up the truth just to stay on top and stay on people’s good graces in order to be re-elected.
Chance gets a bad feeling about things but is struggling with his own ghosts so things get pushed to the back of his mind.

One night Xav and Chance meet in a bar. Both strangers and Chance was definitely looking for a night of hot sex with no strings attached. Both these men are extremely handsome and can cause quite a stir. Xav is completely open about being Gay but Chance is still very much in the closet.

What happens next completely throws Chance, as he believed Xav to be a surfer. Well he has the body of a man that works out, who knew he was the new deputy, certainly not Chance. He has kept his personal life totally separate to business, never once dating anyone from the office,
so seeing Xav in the sheriffs building it comes as shock to say the least.

Xav and Chance end up working together, each with the goal to get the brutal, ruthless criminals who are involved in child trafficking and drugs brought to justice.

Although I found the story line difficult because of the issues discussed, I couldn’t help but love that these two men became friends, I’d even say companions.

Xav has a way of bringing everyone together. The office is buzzing with activity, everyone pulling together to put a stop to these horrendous crimes.
You will meet all these characters, some more than others but all very much lovable for different reasons.

These two Authors really are exceptional writers. The story flowed, giving you just enough detail to imagine what the characters looked liked. How the scenes were set. There was plenty of mystery, a whole lot of suspense. One huge investigation that you will want to read to the end.

Overall I have to say that this story was gripping. Written beautifully and tactful since it deals with very delicate issues.
The two main characters Xav and Chance give this story the smiles and romance that is needed to carry on.

“It’ll make all the difference in the world to you if you can save even one life.”
Heartfelt and meaningful words spoken. This one line has kept me going while reading this book.

I leave you with my lasts thoughts. To reach your goals in life never give up. The outcome may not be what you wanted but always keep trying.

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