Jamaican Gangsters & American Thugs (The Jamaican American Thug Drama Saga Book 6) EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL

Exclusive Cover Reveal (1)

RELEASE DATE: 12/25/2015





It seemed oddly inevitable now, that in the end, the final enemy to be defeated is death himself. But, how do you defeat something not of this world? How do you reign victorious when every time you win a seemingly significant battle against death he returns stronger and more formidable than ever?

Death was cunning, relentless and vile, and this time he posed the greatest challenge yet, one we could never truly win even if we tried.

You can flee from your enemies or you can fight them with your dying breath, but when death has taken the form of the ones closest to your beloved, how can you win? How can you fight when harming a strand of hair on their head means harming the one you truly loved?

With an icy, heavy soul I crushed the piece of brown, blood stained paper in my palm; the evidence of the incontrovertible truth that Dre didn’t want me to know. But something Kraigie couldn’t keep from me.

The reason Aj fled to be with his loved ones and the reason Dre left to confront his mafia family.

We are all going to die.

This was never ever going to end, was it?





Three years after his father’s brutal murder, at the age of twenty-one Donte Malcolm inherits his father’s estate and must carry on his legacy.

The Malcolm family is divided by greed, an insatiable lust for power and a string of suspicious murders on its key members. But, from the void left by the death of arguably one of its most notorious members, Biggs, a new breed of leader will emerge.

Donte rises as an unstoppable entrepreneur extraordinaire and sparked a revolution in his family, driven by the burning desire to create a business conglomerate his relatives have only imagined and to get revenge against those responsible for his father’s death; his favorite cousin, Dre (Andre Malcolm) and his gay lover Jevaughn (Jevaughn Wilson).

vicious and bloody conflict ensues. The family crumbles. Death is omnipresent. The quest for revenge has unintended consequences. No one is safe as Donte and Andre Malcolm are locked in a battle of wills.


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J. S. Lewis’s life dramatically changed in 2007, in his last year in high school. At the age of 17 years old, he was targeted by thugs to be gay bashed and chased away from high school after rumours spiralled that he was not only Gay but was infatuated by one of the thugs in his class. This ‘dark’ period triggered events that would mould and change his life forever and inspired him to write his groundbreaking Novel ‘Jamaican American Thug Drama.’ “I began writing Jamaican American Thug Drama back in 2010, three years after I was almost Gay bashed and it was inspired by that very dark period in my life, one that has forever changed my life but one that I am very grateful for because I survived it and it led me to my true-self. When the story was completed and I saw how it had emotionally impacted readers online, I said to myself “Oh my god, do I have any idea what I created?” I felt years of immense pain, deep distress and emotional and psychological trauma loosening their grip on me. I was haunted by these demons for years but through writing, I was finally liberated, I was freed, I experienced a period of what I called rebirth. I felt like a butterfly leaving the casket of its cocoon and if there had been any doubts in my mind- prior- they were all gone now and I knew right then and there that this was my calling- writing. A gift as old as time itself and I was one of many who were divinely blessed with it. The events that scarred me actually led me to my true gift and and I promised myself to always use this gift not only for myself, but for anyone whom it may be able to help inspire, motivate, mentor, heal, empower, liberate, uplift and share with humanity the magic of writing from the soul, pouring forth light, love, beauty and divine ecstasy. This is what I believe with all my heart.”











6 thoughts on “Jamaican Gangsters & American Thugs (The Jamaican American Thug Drama Saga Book 6) EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL

  1. Thank you so much Jo & Isa and your crew for this magical exposure, this wonderful Blog post, I am lost for words. I am looking out for the viewers comments on this cover reveal, I love you all so much, this is so exciting, I want to hear all your thoughts in the comments below! I am reading all night! Gone to get some wine!


  2. Ive been on the edge of my seat waiting on this the next adventure. I can already see this is going to be one I will not be able to put down!!


  3. a man with purpose that’s who you are… another thrilling, mind boggling piece. filled with raw emotions and guts.. quite interesting if u ask me….


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