Stripped Raw by Rebecca Moon


Stripped Raw by Rebecca Moon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Erin Stancliffe is one strong young lady. She overcame how she was brought up to raise her young son by herself. Even put herself through college. To get a ‘fresh’ start on life she moves to a better neighborhood when she starts her nursing career.

Through her job she meets Jason Cunningham, whom we met in Stripped Bare. He is basically a man whore. There is something about Erin that takes a hold of Jason. Through her he becames the man he is supposed to be and through him Erin learns to trust again and realize that they are ‘good’ men out there.

They are both struggling to overcome their pasts to gain a future together. Which is not easy to do when both their pasts cause havoc in their present.

I liked getting to know the ‘real’ Jason. I also liked at the end of the book Macy, his cousin, who we also met in Stripped Bare, pops in with some turmoil and you just know there is going to be another book. Can’t wait!

The only thing I was a little disappointed about is that I wished we could of caught up more with the other characters from Stripped Bare (Sally, Damien, Chelsea). The book is great but just ‘miss’ them.

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