Nobody's Angel by Kallypso Masters


Masters at Arms & Nobody’s Angel by Kallypso Masters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love Kallypso’s stories she always brings so much depth and emotion into her books and this was evident in Nobody’s Angel.

We are introduced to the Masters In Arms men and our first Dom is Marc D’Alessio. However we still get glimpses into the other characters and I can’t wait to read all their stories.

As Marc is preparing to make the rounds in the club, he is in charge of monitoring some of the scenes. He stops when he hears crying and someone asking for her Dom to stop. He quickly realises the “wannabe” Dom is going beyond the subs limits and stops the scene immediately. Releasing her from the restraints he soon assesses she’s gone into subspace and tries to ease the pain helping her recover.

Angelina wanted to experience BDSM, she’s read some novels that have spiked her curiosity and feels ready to try something with her partner Allan; she never thought the experience was going to bring her so much pain and sorrow, and she certainly never expected to be rescued by someone with and Angel-Wolf mask who made her feel cherished and safe.

Marc has been burnt and is certainly not looking for a relationship nor is he looking for someone to awaken feelings he has desperately tried to burry. Yet he finds it hard to ignore the emotions that are suddenly plaguing his heart.
Angelina is a strong independent woman, after her terrible first experience at BDSM the last thing she wants is to ever try anything remotely like it, but a chance encounter makes her embrace a life she didn’t think was for her.

With Great chemistry, storyline, and plenty of steamy scenes this first book in the series have it all to make it and enjoyable and captivating read.

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One thought on “Nobody's Angel by Kallypso Masters

  1. Thanks so much for your lovely review, Isa! Just happened upon it on Twitter. SO glad you enjoyed my first book in the Rescue Me Saga! Be sure to read them in order. As you know, characters are in and out of each other’s books and one builds on the next!

    Happy Reading!



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