Maybe Baby by Andrea Smith

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Maybe Baby by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Maybe Not, Maybe she will, maybe she won’t, maybe he will, maybe he won’t, maybe you should read. HA!! Okay there’s no maybe about it, you definitely need to read.

It’s no secret from reading this Author’s first book that I’m a huge fan. I have never been disappointed with a book yet and I honestly don’t think I ever will. The writing is just flawless.

This book took me to new heights, I just didn’t know what was going to happen next. I was shaking at one point the story was so intense and exciting but had elements that horrified me.

I was introduced to Tyler, she is in college and working in the stables, owned by the Sinclair family. She is a lovely young lady finding her way in life. Tyler has a horrific past that she would much rather forget about but unfortunately things come to ahead where certain things must be faced.
She is used to looking after herself but the events which begin to occur really frighten her and in all honesty anyone would be terrified.

Trey Sinclair is busy running the stables while his parents are away. He is mouth watering and is very protective over Tyler. They become friends, Tyler obviously wanting more but she’s not sure where she stands with a man like Trey, he is forever blowing hot and cold. One thing is for sure, he will not let her stay where it is unsafe and wants very much to help her find out what happened and what is going on now. To say he is bossy is an understatement. He is just used to getting his own way.

I really want to tell you all about this book but that would be unfair of me because whatever I say will be a giveaway to what happens. Trust when I say you will be taken on an amazing journey of friendship, love, passion, excitement, fear and sadness with more than a fair share of surprises.

I am off to read book two, to see where this journey will take me next, I know it will be nothing what I am expecting and that’s just how I like it, expect the unexpected.
Maybe Love is my next adventure, maybe I will love it, maybe I won’t. Yeah, right. Maybe you will see another five stars soon.

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