Marked by Charisse Spiers


Marked by Charisse Spiers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book I’ve read from Charisse and I loved it.

What is funny is that in Fight I thought I had read it all and don’t get me wrong the story was incredibly powerful. However in Marked we are not presented with one Alpha but two. Before you think this is a ménage of sorts no don’t go there at all. I’ve read numerous stories with powerful characters but this story has two. Both the heroine Lux and the male lead Kaston can make grown men cry!!

These two had rough childhoods but were Kaston in some way had a redeemable youth and as much normalcy as possible, Lux has been living throughout most of her life in a cloud of nothingness. She’s learnt to be strong and be a fighter regardless of what life has thrown at her. So when the universe decides to play hooky and align the stars for these characters to meet, sparks fly out of the pages instantly. Who would have thought getting a tattoo was going to be such an erotic experience! Do I have your attention yet??

Marked is a powerful and very dark story of survival, of finding love in the most unlikely circumstances and of life offering second chances. It’s a cathartic tale of seeking justice and trying to make a world a better place.

For some Kaston can be a vigilante, for others he can be a ruthless and soulless individual, but for me he was a Hero. For some Lux was a victim, a forgotten and lost woman, but for me she was a survivor, she’s a total badass chick!

I admire the author for writing such a poignant story, with so much content and so many twists and emotional moments because it’s no easy task to deliver such a flawed result. The story is complex yet you are lost and totally submerged within and with the characters.

I am moving on to my next read from this series because quite simply, I just can’t get enough. BRAVO

5 KILLER STARS! Isalovesbooks

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