Forbid Me by M. Robinson


Forbid Me by M. Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of the advantages of owning a blog is that you have the pleasure of seeing all the teasers and covers circulating around FB. So it wasn’t a surprise when I came across a teaser for this book. The picture was the image of a little boy holding a baby. At first I thought it was depicting a teaser for a family book, but when I read the quote I knew I had to read this and wow I was completely blown away!.

This story takes us on a journey that spans across a little over ten years between Lilly and Jacob. The story is told on both POV’s and it moves back and forward in time, but this is very well delivered and it provided the reader with plenty of angst and suspense as to how the story was going to pan out.
Jacob and Lilly are the kind of star crossed lovers that were always born to be together. That no matter what life throws at them, fate will always make sure they find a way to each other. You see, Jacob is Lilly’s brother Lucas best friend. Nothing wrong about that you may say, however there’s the tiny itzy bitzy detail that Jacob is 7 years older than her.
Lilly has no doubt in her heart that she loves Jacob from very early on and there has always been a special connection between them. Jacob thinks his affection is due to the fact that he has known Lilly since she was a little girl, he has been part of all the important moments on Lilly’s life. As both start to grow up so are their feelings and soon the lines that shouldn’t be crossed start to become very blurry.

I loved this book. It was wonderfully written. I loved the story line and how the author made every chapter incredibly entertaining making it impossible for the reader to stop, urging us to keep going until we find the answers. It had drama, romance and plenty of steamy moments. It is plain and simple a total MUST READ.

5 GOOD OL’ STARS. Isalovebooks

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