Warped (Book #2 in The Manipulation Series) by Alicia Taylor and Natalie Townson

REVIEWED By Lynette Kelly

Alicia Taylor and Natalie Townson

Angst, heartbreaking moments, revenge, lies, and did I say heartbreak?

Book 2 of the trilogy and I have to say even better than book 1.  I enjoyed Damon’s POV, it made the story more balanced and changed my point of view, from this I began to see that he is not what he is made out to be. I thought I was done with Damon and wanted Ella to walk away, needless to say I changed my mind.
Ella is a hormonal mess in this book, loathing one minute and loving the next, she is clearly falling for Damon and this is conflicting her emotions with her sisters death.  Ella is fighting her emotions throughout this book and I felt frustrated and sorry for her.
The authors have done a fantastic job in creating these characters, Leona is a wicked and deranged but added a thrilling element to the story.
Warped is an emotional read in parts and I did shed a tear or two.  I couldn’t stop reading this book and the lack of sleep was worth it, the book had a great ending with more  suspense that will have you itching for the next book, I cannot wait to find out more.

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