Baby Love by Andrea Smith

Reviewed by Joanne Swinney

Baby Love by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh boy! Not quite what I was expecting but yet, I think I did actually suspect but didn’t want to believe it. So many twists and definitely some wonderful surprises, this book will keep you turning the pages at a hundred miles a hour.

Trey and Tyler become a family of three. I knew they would be fabulous parents. Preston is one lucky little girl. She will know what it’s like to be loved and cared for, unlike the awful childhood Tyler had to endure.

Tyler is not yet free from her past, many things occur in this continuing story. Shocking events take place, it left me unsettled to say the least. Trey and Tyler have to face some frightful situations. It’s quite disturbing to think the things people will do.

Trey is Tyler’s rock, he’s understanding, caring, loving, so passionate but also he’s a man that likes to have control. He makes me smile and growl while reading, so many different sides to Trey it’s hard not to fall in love with him. Tyler’s best friend, Gina has an awesome nick name for him.

We read a lot more about Gina in this book, she’s been a very good friend to Tyler. It’s now Tyler’s turn to be the supportive friend as Gina’s life takes a sudden change in direction.

Remember Trey’s brother, Tristan. Really who could forget that male Adonis, anyway he is becoming a regular around the family also. Like this book wasn’t hot enough now I am having dreams with both Trey and Tristan. Oh so is Tyler. Oops!!

Only in this Author’s books does fiction become real in my mind. The connection I feel to these characters is a huge credit to the writer. It seems this story is far from over, so I am off to read book three. I’m praying for a fairytale ending.

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