Creed by Kristen Ashley

REVIEWED BY Micky Barnard

Creed by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This Kristen Ashley book was unique in that it paired two people (hero and heroine) who were equally alpha. It was an interesting concept that worked surprisingly well. On finishing, I’m of the opinion that there are none quite like Sylvie Bissenette. She is a petite, gun-totting, vigilante-earning, protector of woman. I admired Sylvie’s stubbornness but self-awareness of when the battle was over and she needed to relent. She was full of integrity, fierce loyalty and spunk.She works in the employ of Knight, which I wasn’t sure about as that is the only KA book I haven’t enjoyed. Knight was a side character in the book and I warmed a little more to him. He had some excellent lines, short, staccato but poignant.

This was a book of fantastic second chances if only Sylvie would let herself. Creed was a scarred, gun-totting, vigilante/PI-earning alpha. They were one another’s first love. Seeing these two fight and bicker for power and one-upmanship was highly amusing. Behind all this is a solid, engaging tale of longing and unfulfilled dreams. As with others in this Unfinished Hero series, there’s a upgrade on the twisty heat that was fun to read. I’ve read this series out of order but it doesn’t matter, they stand alone well.

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