Walk of Shame by Andrea Smith

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Walk of Shame by Andrea Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Right, who’s done the walk of shame? Oh yeah you so have, I bet many of us have. It’s part of life, growing up, learning from our mistakes, for some even repeating them, so for you guys just keep on walking. LOL!

This is another epically written book by Andrea Smith, I swear I fangirl over this Author. She just keeps me coming back for more and more and yep more. I hope there is more to come from these characters in this book because I have throughly enjoyed this story.
Have you read the ‘The G-Men Series’? well in book three we meet Easton and Darcy, explosive read, anyways Weston was conceived by this dynamic couple and is the character in this book.
Welcome to Weston Matthews story. EEEK!! I’m so giddy, what an awesome read. It’s fresh yet containing all the usually banter, I have come to love by this Author. I have laughed out loud, definitely had a few cringing moments and I have watched a love story become sensational, yeah I know I read a book not watched a movie but if you pick up a book by this Author, you too will play out the story with mental images and not just words.

Weston is attending college and not doing too well, he has other priorities besides studying. His father clearly not happy with the way his son’s life is shaping out decides to intervene and hires him a tutor. Just what Weston wants more work, NOT!

Peyton Lang a girl many would refer to as a nerd but one hell of a sexy nerd. She has an idea and her professor decides to let her go ahead with said crazy idea.. Oh the best laid plans as they say.

Penny Lane is hired to tutor Weston, she’s unattractive to the eyes but has the brains of Einstein. She has her work cut out for her. Weston is a pain that likes to make Penny’s life difficult.

Peyton works at a club where Weston drinks, Weston fancies Peyton, well who wouldn’t, she a cutie with curves in all the right places. Peyton knows about Weston, he’s a man whore, young, free and devilishly handsome he can have whoever he wants, well except Peyton.

Penny starts to rethink her thesis because well quite frankly Weston is throwing a spanner in the works. Weston is starting to appreciate Penny and sees her as more than a tutor, she’s becoming his friend.

Tragedy strikes Weston’s family and he leaves to go home immediately. Weston’s father tells him to return to college but he’s reluctant. Peyton is wondering what happened to Weston as she hasn’t seen him around. Penny is livid he’s been missing classes.

Peyton’s best friend, Eva persuades her to attend the halloween party. Peyton does end up going and no one knows who she is which is fine by her. She is used to being incognito.

Whilst at the party sitting at the bar she spots the saddest looking clown and decides to drink shots with him, next thing we know, she’s having the hottest sex of her life but has no clue who gave her, her first big O. Well it’s all an interesting turn of events.

It’s like cludeo and who done it? Who’s who? and when is all going to become clear? Oh it’s an exciting read and I would recommend to all readers. This book is fun, sexy, intriguing, thrilling, it has a few moments of sadness. It’s an all round perfect read.

I loved to read Weston’s sister’s story, Carson. Definitely a great story there and I know this Author will give me the unexpected.
Until next time, thank you once again for another fabulous read.

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