Pieces of Me by Kirby Elaine RELEASE!

Book Info:
Author: Kirby Elaine
Book title: “Pieces of Me”
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance
Release Date: December 31, 2015
Photographer: Holly Seeber 
Still battling the physical and emotional scars of war, Army
Veteran Jason Bowman, never expects to meet his match in the upbeat introvert
Kylie Oliver. But Kylie may not be as put together as she comes across. Finding
love and solace in Jason forces her to look at her own reality and confront the
issues that have ruined her chances at love in the past. “Pieces of Me” is a
light-hearted tale of love and healing with a twist you’ll never see coming.
#NewRelease #HeyCronut
Pieces Of Me by Kirby Elaine
“What is that?” he interrupted.
“What’s what?” she questioned looking around.
“That thing on your plate,” his voice was groggy. A deep scratching that somehow appealed to her.
“It’s a cronut.”
“A what?”
“A cronut. You know; part croissant, part donut; the perfect combination of flaky and sweet,” she laughed.
A Baltimore native, Kirby Elaine began her writing career
with the release of her first book, Healing Wounds, in 2013. After the first
book was out in the world, Elaine went on to complete the Scott/Price Family Drama Series and published
“Secrets Kept” and “All I Ever Wanted”.
By the summer of 2015, Elaine had bought the series full circle by
releasing the stand alone book, “Michael”. In addition to her five novels,
Elaine has authored a handful of flash fiction pieces, novellas, and poetry.
Elaine is expected to release the first book in her Coffee House series,
“Pieces of Me”, in December 2015.


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