Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Knicker Licking STARS

This book was……. Great, Funny, Loving, adventurous, exciting. WAIT! I have more, it was Exceptional, Hilarious, Sexy, Gripping, Mind Blowing. Okay I think that should cover it, I am sure you get the idea. I LOVED IT!!

Want to hear about this story? Sorry I can’t tell you it’s a secret. Just kidding. This is book four in the awe inspiring BB Series. You can read the novella’s in between these four books and my suggestion is that you do. I believe it always helps to build a bigger picture helping the reader connect to all the characters and oh boy! have I met some fantastic characters.

This is Naill ‘TENSE’ Stella’s story. God this man brings a whole new meaning to the word uptight but by reading this book you begin to understand why. Niall is the younger brother of Max Stella another sensational character in this series.
Niall now divorced, THANK GOD! has never dated, never paid any interest to another woman, actually I don’t think he has even given any kind of thought to seek out some female affection.

Ruby Miller a very bold fun loving girl, well not always so bold. She has one serious crush on Niall and becomes a teenager around him. In her eyes he’s the ultimate male adonis. Clearly she sees a dark wild horse hiding under his suits, oh and he wears a suit so well. Tall, strong, lean, beautiful. Yep, now I see why she drools a lot.

Ruby is sent away on a business trip with her male adonis. One whole month just her and her fantasies. What will happen? Ha! Never one to disappoint, Christina Lauren know how to tell a page turning story. These ladies have found so many ways for the female characters to become knickerless it should be a crime. Maybe we should ask for the next female to not bother wearing any. Hmm! no scrap that it’s much more fun reading about them being ripped off, pulled down, bitten off, licked off etc, etc LOL!

What happens when they return home makes me so mad and honestly I felt sadness for both of them. It’s always a thrill being away from home and sharing time with someone but then reality hits when returning to the life you have led before and not everyone shares your happiness. The only character I didn’t like in this book was Ruby’s boss, Anthony Smith is a slime ball, enough said about him.

I can’t wait for more in this series. If you haven’t read yet, I totally recommend you start ASAP. You won’t regret downloading these books.

Books in the series are in order:

Beautiful Bastard
Beautiful Stranger
Beautiful Bitch
Beautiful Bombshell
Beautiful Player
Beautiful Beginning
Beautiful Beloved
Beautiful Secret
Beautiful Boss (releasing 29th Feb 2016) Available to pre-order.

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