For Love or Legacy by Ruth Cardello

REVIEWED By Joanne Swinney

For Love or Legacy by Ruth Cardello
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book two in The Legacy Collection and so far what a collection. From reading the first book Maid for the Billionaire which is FREE to download, I have been hooked.

All the characters I have been introduced to, I want to hear more from. Each story having a warm romantic undertone but with twists that can be intense and keep you turning the pages.

In this book we read about Nicole and Stephan’s story. Nicole is the sister of Dominic. She is a determined woman wanting to make her own mark in this male dominate world but she’s extremely lonely. Nicole believes that no one loves her, having a terrible childhood abandoned by her mother at sixteen then her brother left, her father was a mean man, never showing affection. Her one true love from her early days walked away from her because he believe something to be true. Nicole never fought for their love and now regrets that decision.

Stephan a troubled man and believing he still has scores to settle with Dominic is on a mission to destroy him no matter what the cost. He used to be such a loving man, having dreams and building a career helping the environment but he has lost his way and forgot who he truly is.

Stephan ends up helping Nicole at a time when she is desperate. Keeping their contract secret but at the same time infuriating Dominic even more. What starts out as a simple exchange turns to something more sinister and heart breaking for Nicole. This woman has way too much heart break in her life and really does deserve her happy ever after.

Another fabulous book. I am looking forward to reading book three.

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