Interview & Book Spotlight Author Ethan Radcliff

Hello, my name is Ethan Radcliff. I’m an erotic author who also writes poetry, erotic and

some mainstream. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and TSU. My links are posted below.


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What inspired you to start writing erotic stories?

Hard to say, no pun there, but since I

was in middle school, I wrote poetry. I liked the challenge of rhyming words. In high school sex

became a subject I rather enjoyed. LMAO. So, writing some sexy poetry to a girlfriend became

common place. Guess what, they loved it, so I wrote more.

Have you always loved the art of poetry?

Yes, like I said, the rhyme thing, but as I got

older and read more poetry, it was a way to express my feelings.

Do you still have your notebook where your creative mind wrote everything down?

Yup…still got them.

What advice would you give to a new erotic writer just starting out?

Write erotica, not

porn. Give the reader a story, not just sex. What arouses most is the way you enter a scene and

complete it. Bring them there…let their minds run amok. But give them a reason to continue

reading…not just a reason to flip through the pages looking for the sex scenes and nothing more.

Have you ever suffered from writers block? Yes, but not often, I have crazy people

running around in my head.

If yes, what did you do to get the creative juices flowing again?

Sleep. I sleep. Photos, I

see things; hear things that get me going again. Hehe. I do things, too, bad things. LMAO.

*wicked grins*

To date which of your published books is your favourite and why?

Wow, hard to say. But

recently, I re-read DOM…and perhaps that maybe the favourite…so far…BDSM, but there is an

unexpected twist. Even I didn’t see it coming as I was writing.

Would you ever consider writing in any other Genre?


If yes, what other Genre have you considered?

I enjoy the paranormal, thriller, crime,

and horror genres. I also am a history junkie.

Are you working on anything right now that no one knows about?


We want deep dark dirty secrets. LOL! What kind of research do you have to do for your

books? Cough!!

I read. LMAO. I pull from my personal experiences. Over the years I’ve done

some crazy shit. I’ve learned I’m a dominate personality…fun…but dominate. I also pull from

family members who are cops, fireman and others who write too.

That was Isa’s question, I swear hehe!! Hehe or should I say, licks!!

If you never took the plunge and published your very first book, what do you think you

would be doing now?

Working my full time job as always. And probably writing anyway,

submitting my stuff here and there. If I wasn’t writing or working to make a decent living, I’d

probably try my hand at standup comedy and acting. I have to admit, I’m a ham. I’m a guy who

likes the attention. Licks.

Do you enjoy reading other books?

I read all the time.

If yes, what type of books?

All types: Sci Fi, Crime, History, Romance, Vamps, Mystery,

and some poetry.

Any favourites?

Yeah, my sister read Salem’s Lot. I was maybe eleven, and she told

me…read this. Scared the shit out of me…read it twice. I was hooked on the paranormal, so I

read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, and then on to Poe, H.G. Wells…I

could go on.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of your writing that you would like to share

with us?

Sports and I played ice hockey and baseball.

If there is anything else you would like to add please feel free.

Thank you for asking me for this interview Jo & Isa

Ethan Radcliff


Ethan’s Bio:​

Ethan Radcliff has been writing stories since he was a kid. He loves creating and tried

his hand at art, but felt he wasn’t good enough. Through high school he wrote erotic stories,

kept them in a notebook and let a few of his girlfriends read them. He then began writing

poetry, which he kept to himself, because most of his poems were based on erotica. His brain

never stopped. He became serious about writing erotic romance stories a few years ago and

wondered how hard it would be to break through the barrier as a male erotic romance writer.

He delved into the world of BDSM and took a personal journey through the lifestyle,

which aided in his writing.

He’d been a face book user for years. He never saw anything interesting until he began

to see all the writers and then some poets posting their erotic prose. Men who were writing erotic

romance began to crop up. He watched and then began to post a few poems here and there. The

response was good and then better. He was being noticed.

He can see a picture and write a poem. He can see an attractive women and conger up

a sexy scenario. The jiggle of a full ass or heavy breasts can get him going. His mind is always is

on an attractive face or body.

His thanks go out to Bitten Press LLC and the two lovely women who run it, for

goading him on, telling him to go for it and he did.

His first short story is The Taming of Molly Jenkins. It’s hot. Is it based on personal

experience? All he can answer is, perhaps. The next short story is The Wait, Britt’s undoing.

There will be more. He has a paranormal erotic romance series, Desires of Blood which at the

moment is six books strong. Stay tuned for some historical, contemporary and fantasy erotica

from him. Yes, and he will continue with some great stories including some BDSM adventures.

He has one book of erotic poetry published; it has been an amazing success.

Follow Ethan Radcliff as he continues to entertain you. He can write any genre and

intends to broaden his scope as an author in 2015.

His thanks go out to all his readers. Without them he’d be still be writing notes in his

composition notebook, waiting for that right moment. You made it happen for him.

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ethen shape

Release date 2/13/16


Magenta is a child of blood, her giver of life, Royce Bellamy, vampire. She’s never

felt comfortable in the twenty-first century. She decides to hone up on her witchcraft and play

with the time line; bad mistake.

Hugo Mendez is the top Matador in eighteenth century Madrid, Spain, one with a dark

foreboding secret. He sees the beautiful Magenta and is drawn to her sensing there’s more to the

perfect beauty than most can see.

The beast within him haunts him night and day. Will he be able to capture the beauties

Scorpion, is book four, of the series Desires of Blood; a legend of love and desire.

Pre-order Links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK


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