Flying Solo by Susan Mac Nicol

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Flying Solo by Susan Mac Nicol
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


The Men of London Series Book Six. This can be read as a standalone but oh boy this series has been super awesome and I recommend reading them all. Of course, I have my favourites but every new book has a fascinating story that keeps you wanting more.

This book is Maxwell and Gibson story. It’s a high flyer for sure. Both characters equally appealing but yet both have very different personalities.
They say opposites attract and then if you are too alike you clash, hmm! What to believe because although they lead completely different lifestyles they have both done their fair share of bed hopping. I think fate brought these two guys together, okay maybe the writer did LOL! but she can totally make me a believer in her stories.

Maxwell AKA Max had the toughest start in life. Really that’s an understatement. He did things he’s not proud of but giving the circumstances, I think anyone would have done the same. He now travels around the world working as a flight attendant looking after passengers. His life is okay but he’s looking for more, for that one guy to come home to. These one night stands and quickies in the toilet just aren’t enough anymore.

Gibson, a gaming genius has to travel a lot and spots the gorgeous Max. Need I say more?. Another couple who are officially in the mile high club. Honestly I am never going to get on this list, so high five to anyone who does HAHA!! Gibson never dates the same man twice or has more than one encounter. Gibson is the whip it out, lick it and whip it in and never to be repeated kind of guy, that was until Max came to his defence one night.

With both feet firmly on the ground, these two guys became friends with almost benefits, but Max wanted more out of life. Such a shame Gibson wasn’t on the same page as he was. What the heart wants the heart must have, no one knows when love will come your way, but when it does you have to grab it with both hands and grab a hold of it. Max and Gibson need each other whether they want to admit it or not.

This was another fantastic read and another two men to add to my collection. Oh actually make that three because Gibson has a best friend called Jack and he’s a great character, witty, loving, sexy and he’s not gay. YAY! but alas he is dating a wonderful woman who also cares deeply for Gibson.

I highly recommend this book. It has a story which shows both sides. The man who has nothing and no one and the man who has almost everything but has fantastic support from his family and friends and that can make a huge difference to someone’s life. Choices have to be made, right or wrong it’s the individuals decision what path they take in life. Love is love people, the sooner you all realise this, the better.

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