Scenes from Adelaide Road by Helena Stone

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Scenes from Adelaide Road by Helena Stone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Before I start my review let me just say that if anyone is being BULLIED for the choices they have chosen in this life, take a stand, you are NOT alone in this world. You may feel that no one will accept you or fight for you. They will, we will. Trust will not come easily but wouldn’t you rather try than live a life that makes you completely miserable?

This book literally awakened deep feelings in me that came out through tears and anger but also smiles of joy. I connected with this story on such a profound level that I am finding it hard to explain why, considering I am a heterosexual woman and have not had to deal with such things as bullying because I was GAY.

Lennart is a young man that has suffered immensely in silence his whole life. His father not only a very ignorant man but the worst kind of bully. Physical abuse is painful enough for the victim who is being submitted to being punched, kicked, and his bones broken. It is all horrendous to think someone is living with this but emotional abuse can sometimes be so much worse. Imagine never knowing the love of a parent, constantly feeling worthless from such a young age. Having no one to turn to because of the constant fear that seeking help would just make your life more unbearable. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Lennart has the chance to have a new life away from his father and the home town that made his life a living hell. A grandfather he never even knew existed has passed away and left his home to his only grandson, Lennart. He’s completely scared to death but excited at the prospect of being able to do as he chooses. Lennart believes himself to be a coward, ugly and so many other things which didn’t portray the way I saw him, and thankfully neither did a young man called Aiden.

Aidan a beautiful man inside and out. His heart is as big as the ocean. He has seen something in Lennart and is desperate to know more. Thank you God for that because anyone that has suffered like Lennart needs a man or woman like Aidan to help them see clearly, see what they see not what has been drilled into them their whole life. Aidan is a hard working man, he has great family support. He’s so loveable. I wanted to hug him through the pages for correcting Lennart on so many things. I was thinking the same things as Aidan was while reading.

Lennart and Aidan form a wonderful friendship that evolves into a heartwarming romance. The kind that makes you smile and melts your heart. I felt like I not only read the story but actually watched these scenes.

Everything I felt, all the emotions were very real. This book that held such an intense story came to life and that can only be because this writer is magnificent. It was inspiring and breathtaking. I have never read anything by this Author but I can assure you, I will definitely be looking for more titles now.

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