The Billionaire's Touch by J.S. Scott

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

The Billionaire’s Touch by J.S. Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was definitely a touching story. The life of Evan Sinclair is one all must read. If you have read Author J.S.Scott’s previous books in this series, I know you will be dying to read all about Evan and let me tell you, you will not be disappointed.

Evan the eldest brother. He’s gruff, extremely handsome and not the type of man you can approach easily without feeling intimidated.

What makes a man like Evan distance himself from his family even though he cares deeply for his siblings. All will become clear. This book though heart breaking will leave you feeling happy.

Evan like his brothers and sister didn’t have the happy child hood whom many take for granted. Their father was not a nice man and that’s putting it mildly.
He suffer greatly but he’s strong in mind and has made a success of his life but who can he share those precious moments with. He’s lonely not that he would ever admit it to anyone let alone his family.

Evan will be visiting his family again soon and more than likely bump into, Randi.
The woman rubs him up the wrong way and vice versa.

Randi recently lost her step mother. It’s a loss she’s finding most difficult to deal with. She feels all alone in the world, sure she has friends but longs to have family around her, it’s something she never had until she came to Amesport.

Randi has a difficult sad story of her own to share. The things she went through as a child shouldn’t have happened.

Evan and Randi have communicated via email for over a year without knowing each other. How is that possible? Life just works in mysterious ways and if people are meant to come together it will happen.

Everything happens for a reason. I’m a great believer in this.
Take the journey of Evan and Randi. I promise you will be happy that you read this book.

Author J.S.Scott thank you for sharing your beautiful and touching story. Although I felt great sadness while reading, the journey came to a wonderful ending and in turn left me feeling happy.

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