What The Marquess Sees by Amy Quinton


What the Marquess Sees by Amy Quinton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved being surprised and What the Marquess Sees, definitely surprised me. Truly loved this book and Beatryce and Cliff.

I have not read the first book in Agents of Change but had no trouble reading this book as a standalone.

In the beginning I really wanted to hate Beatryce but as the book progresses my feelings about her changed to respect and admiration. Loved the Marquess from the start and only grew to love him more. The banter was entertaining to say the least.

I love the time period; the speech, dress and mannerisms. This historic romance hit all the marks for me. Amy Quinton is a skilled author and perfectly set the scene for me and told me a story of lies, deceit, abuse and yes love.

Quinton had quotes from numerous different people at the beginning of each chapter that we so fitting for each respective chapter.

Aunt Harriet is a gem and I couldn’t help but love her and want her for my own Aunt.

The back and forth between Beatryce and Cliff is enough to keep me entertained even without all the mystery and danger going on as well.

She looked angry, but only for an instant. Then, her look turned sultry and heavy-lidded; seduction emanating out of every pore. He was a little worried by that second look; it spelled trouble in absolute terms. She stepped closer. He took it back. He was a lot worried actually.

Even though neither want to admit nor give in to the attraction, they both feel it from the first moment. Marquess is angry with Lady Beatryce for her inexcusable behavior and wants nothing to do with her, other than to cut her with his mean tongue. Then he is strapped with protecting her and is exposed to a different side of Beatryce and her to a different side of the Marquess.

Great story and I look forward to reading the first in this series. Would recommend this book to any romance readers. Historic romance reader will love it.

I was gifted a copy for an honest review.

Reviewed by Becky for Jo&IsaLoveBooks

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