501 Ways to Tie a Knot by Kat DeSalle


501 Ways to Tie a Knot by Kat DeSalle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Once again, Kat and Kristin have provided us a whole new, unique story. Levi’s character is unlike any of the others. He keeps to himself and hasn’t had a huge role in the two previous books. I was excited to start this story that would be all about him. Levi is a well known star in the BDSM world. He travels and performs as a submissive. Prior to his tours, he goes to a retreat to meditate, center himself, and mentally prepare.

In his trip to Arizona to prepare for his newest tour, he meets Leylah. A gorgeous photographer that catches his eye immediately. She happens to live in the last stop on his tour and while they spend time together, he grows even more fond of her. For his first show in Leylah’s city, he meets Mistress Mystique. A dom that is rocking his world more than he ever thought possible. Leylah and the Mistress both have secrets and Levi has to figure out what to do about them once he discovers the truth. Both relationships are exciting and intriguing and they kept me pulled into the story until the the end.

I really enjoyed Levi’s story. It was different and provided insight into a world I knew nothing about.

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