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Brit Boys: With Toys by Ashe Barker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Brit boys with toys.

Hard Riders by Ashe Barker
All Roped Up by M K Elliott
Doctor’s Orders by Lucy Felthouse
Toys for Boys by K D Grace
Mile High Kink Club by Lily Harlem
Open Mike by Ashley Lister
I get you by Sarah Masters
The Guitar by Tabitha Rayne


Totally not what I was expecting. What a marvellous surprise. I expected sex, sex and more sex but what I got was a brilliant story with yeah some sex and hot steamy sex at that. I can’t believe this one short story has me pining for more.

Liam and Jackson make quite a pair. Not knowing anything about each other, they have the craziest and hottest encounter ever. It completely blew me away, I had no idea things would happen that fast but then like any story it’s the unexpected what makes it so great.

Liam keeps the fact that he’s gay very much on the downside. Jackson on the other hand is loud and proud. Two very different men, living very different lives but by God they fit perfectly.

Something tragic happens and Liam is working on autopilot and realises he’s in love but is it too late?

I loved this short story. My only disappointment was the ending and that’s just because I wanted to know more. I’ll be looking for more books by this Author.

All Roped up

Well I am all tangled up myself after reading this bad boy. It was not something I have ever read before, I mean I’ve read BDSM but it’s been M/F, then of course I have read M/M but I haven’t read a BDSM M/M before, it was definitely hot and had my complete attention.

Alex a young man working as a reporter for a local newspaper is just looking for his next big story and he’s hoping to find it in a club interviewing a man named Connor about bare-knuckle boxing. I was kind of scared for Alex, I mean compared to the guys in and around the ring he seem so tiny, I honestly thought he was going to get bullied, luckily for him Connor the reining champion is a real nice guy, super hot, super fit and super nice.

Connor is into Shibari and basically it’s someone who is into Japanese Bondage. Connor produces art using ropes you could say while giving his partner pleasure. It sounded hot, not sure I am likely to ever be tied up with rope well certainly not in this way, my husband can’t even tie his only shoelaces but sure was fun to read about. LOL!!

Alex and Connor become real close not something either of them expected but and there is always a but, Alex wants a story, it’s just at what cost. Is really getting to the truth and printing it worth losing Connor. Yeah I think Alex will definitely give himself enough rope to hang himself, pun totally intended hehe!!

I really enjoyed this short story and I learnt something new, I now know what Shibari is. I would definitely read another title by this writer.

Doctor’s Orders

BDSM M/M round two. I’m on a roll. LOL! Dominate and Submissive, I mean I understand the meaning but can’t really, what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh! Comprehend that’s it. Comprehend why people choose this lifestyle, I can’t even think of a safe word I’d want to use haha!! when you read these type of books, do you ever wonder what your safe word would be? No, okay maybe that’s just me.

Most people know what a butt plug is and what it’s used for (Winking icon emotion inserted here) but what Aaron was about to find out is how a penis plug felt. Blake has a wicked mind. Just as the writer of this story intended.

Blake and Aaron are in a very loving, very committed relationship. Blake the dominate and Aaron the submissive. Now although it’s the dominate that controls the situation giving pleasure pain where they see fit, it’s actually the submissive that has all the power. Anytime Aaron has had enough or doesn’t want to do something that’s it Blake would stop or not do it. The trust they have is something that is needed for their relationship to continue.

It may sound like a complicated relationship to have but, I think if that’s your lifestyle then there’s nothing complicated about it. Each to their own and embrace the kink which they most certainly do.

Blake and Aaron enjoy a well deserved weekend away and us lucky readers get to hear all about it. No shortage of details just because it’s a short read it’s more than wham bam thank you Pam.

Obviously these short reads aren’t for everyone. I would say if you like M/M and you like BDSM books then start reading.
These stories aren’t my usual read but I am enjoying them. I believe having an open mind helps. Love is love and if people want to be kinky it’s their prerogative.

Toys for Boys

You definitely have to have an imagination to be a writer. Loving, dirty, mischievous it all helps create a fabulous picture for readers to enjoy. This next short story is all of the above and then some.

I think I’m having a better understanding of BDSM. This short story, I would say is not a dominate and submissive read, it’s a couple who enjoy that added kink.

Caradoc Doc Jones aka Doc is an outdoorsman. Walking coast to coast is something he’s about to do but now unfortunately not on his own. Will Charles better known as Will effing Charles as Doc would say, we’ll just call him Will.

Will is the Alpha of all nerds or so Doc thinks he is. He has a new toy that needs testing out and is going with Doc to record their journey. This shiny new computer tech can take pictures, which it most certainly does, it can record which most definitely does. It can also help navigate, GPS etc.

The pictures that are taken can be described as picturesque, well for the scenery the rest are one hundred percent kinky. Body parts being photographed, things happening to body parts. Who knew the uptight Doc had it on him. I do believe Will is having the time of his life, no matter how wet things become. Pun intended.

This story is told by a writer. I know your thinking well of course it is. No, what I mean is the story starts off with a writer looking for a story then these two guys come from nowhere and share their story then the writer becomes the voyeur. Make sense? Well of course it does, anyway lucky writer, first she gets a totally hot story then gets to watch while two hot males make love the kinky way.

Writers do need to research for the stories they write, what better way than first hand. Seeing actual events played out before your very eyes instead of your imagination running wild and ripping clothes off to get to the goods underneath. LOL!! Listen that’s KD excuse and it’s very plausible.

Mile High Kink Club

Flying high while stuck in a cage, okay maybe just a body part was caged. Ever wondered what a cook caged looks like, obviously cook is code for the part in between a man’s legs. Some words aren’t allowed in reviews lol but I wanted to know what they looked liked when I first heard of them and Google is a great friend to have, as long as you type in the correct spelling, oh yeah I typed in cook and a bird cage came up, that would definitely be hard to disguise under a suit haha!!

Rhodri is a Dom and Darius is the sub, they have only just met but have an instant connection. Rhodri wanting nothing more than to control, care for Darius and Darius is more than willing to please his new master.

I’d make a terrible sub all the yes sir, no sir would drive me nuts but Darius took to it like a duck to water, I was a little surprised to find that Rhodri kept calling Darius sub, no terms of endearment, no using his giving name, considering Rhodri was often letting his thoughts drift to could their relationship be more, maybe fall in love. I suppose each relationship is different. What actually is normal? Makes you think that’s for sure.

This was another interesting and kinky read for BDSM lovers to enjoy.

Open Mike

Well this short story was completely different from the others I have read but in a good way. I mean there’s only so much BDSM you can read before you become blasé about it.

The art of poetry. Not everyone will connect to it, some might even hate it. I love poetry so while reading, I connected with the characters and the story straight away.

Mike is a poet and a stand up reader of poetry. He’s the bees knees according to Ken who also writes poetry but has not yet published any of his poems and has never read a poem out loud, well not to an audience anyway.

Ken seeks advice from Mike and when the story starts to unfold, I just thought wow this world is really too small.
Ken wants to learn how to be a better reader of poetry, to touch the hearts of the people listening and the only reason he’s doing this is because he has been asked to read at a wedding for Ray & Roy.

Under the circumstances I would have refused in the not so nice way but for Ken this is more than a challenge.

To Mike & Ken

When life got turn upside down there was no longer any choices
A friendship is form through your voices
Touching the heart of the one who knows
Stand up and be heard it’s all just a show
Hearts can be broken but they also can mend
It’s a good time to let it all out and stop playing pretend.

I Get You

I get you, I got them. This was such a heartwarming story with such much flirting I thought I was going to combust.

Morton runs his own business with the help of some very hard working employee’s but he seriously needs a break. All work and no play is making Morton a very dull man.

Warren who is employed by Morton is a hard working guy and not one to disappoint until the day he just blurts out the mother of all innuendo’s to his boss. Obviously once it’s out there it’s too late, so what will be, will be as they say.

Morton has a business meeting to attend and takes Warren with him as he’s learning to become a surveyor. The silence in the car is deadly and definitely uncomfortable. The not knowing is sometimes the worst. With each of these guys believing the other to be something they are completely not it makes for an interesting read.

Awkward and blushing is becoming second nature but it’s time for them to pull up their braces and be truthful. Once the air is clearer they actually have fun.

Morton and Warren fit perfectly and both have a kinky side that’s worth reading more of. I know I’m always wanting more but love, passion and all things kinky gets my vote every time.

The Guitar

Many music quotes spring to mind, ‘Music is what our feelings sound like’ is one of them and how very true. People relate through music in many ways, it can bring on happiness, memories of sadness but in Kel’s case it makes him horny.

When Kel picks up his guitar and starts strumming and rubbing, yep with his guitar, the vibrations and the friction have the most unbelievable impact. He becomes lost in the music and the lust of his imagination.

Damien a man that Kel has had nothing but wicked thoughts about for months is making him even crazier if that’s at all possible.

Damien is drop dead gorgeous, his physic is all hard and muscle so it stands to reason why Kel can’t stop thinking about him.

Kel has a very low opinion of himself that really cheeses Damien off.
Who knew that Damien has been secretly lusting after Kel because he sure can’t believe it.

Hot steamy showers are the best, all soaped up and slippery. Oops! I got side tracked. What was I saying? Oh yeah! This is another great, hot short story to finish off this brilliant box set. If my mind wasn’t full of BDSM, kink and sex before it certainly is now.

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