Elastic Heart by Mary Catherine Gebhard


Elastic Heart by Mary Catherine Gebhard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nami DeGrace was a normal college student until her life was turned upside down. Everyone turned against her when she was the one who suffered the abuse. Now all she wants is revenge. Mary Catherine does a good job of putting the reader into Nami’s head to help us understand why she does what she does. We understand how she feels and the reason she believes the only thing left to do is go after her attacker.

Nick Law stumbles into her life and makes things more complicated. He wants to help her, but spends most of the time making her crazy. He doesn’t seem to go about things the right way and she doesn’t seem to know how to react to him. I like Law and I like how he doesn’t give up on Nami. We see her go through so much and it’s nice to see someone to stick by her. The only other support she has is Raskol, Nami’s dog, but so much more than just her dog. I loved him. He’s the perfect companion for her and a great addition to this story. The bits of happiness that he brings her is definitely needed to break up the darkness.

There are some twists that add additional depth to this story. We’re provided with tragedy, secrets, suspense, humor, and more. I think the story was written well and it kept my attention the entire time.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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