Take What You Want by Ann Lister

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Take What You Want by Ann Lister
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Don’t even know where to begin. This book was written to tell us about another story of The Rock Gods and after reading the other books, I was obviously eager to read more. I think what I didn’t expect was to feel very deeply about this story. It has a tight grip on my heart and won’t be letting go any time soon.

Alex AKA Zander needs time out and decides to have a vacation, a very long vacation, leasing a home for a year. What he didn’t anticipate was falling in love with not one but two people, one man, one woman. Alex is openly bi sexual, he didn’t really want to come out but like all things when in the media spotlight these things tend to always come out. He is such a deep person, his heart is filled with pure love, it would be hard for anyone not to fall in love with him. I fell completely head over heals in love with this character. I wanted him to have everything his heart desired.

Chase works on the properties surrounding his home, one of them being where Alex is staying, they have an instant connection. Chase only just previously told his girlfriend about his sexual fantasies and as much as she is supportive of their relationship, she didn’t completely understand the magnitude of what was really happening.

Danni is Chase’s partner, they are engaged to be married. Her world is turned upside down and she is struggling to deal with it all. I have to say, I was very conflicted about Danni. Her character although beautiful left me wondering what it was I didn’t like about her. I think maybe the fact that Alex and Chase got to spend some time together when Danni was working away, I was so involved in what was happening between them, it was breath taking to read and Danni didn’t see this happening, so maybe it took her longer to realise what we were reading was love, what she was feeling was jealousy.

It is hard to say how one would feel unless it happened to them. Yes Danni was very open minded and loved Chase but she was seeing change, everything she knew was never going to be the same again, so I think I should definitely cut her some slack. I do think she is a strong woman with lots of love to give and I would say she is very lucky woman. Oh, I don’t know maybe I just wanted her to see what I could see, well read, you know what I mean.

This is how much this story affected me, I couldn’t possibly be anymore invested in this book than I already am. I loved the journey, reading about Alex, Chase and yes even Danni. Who am I to judge how she dealt with things affecting her life. What I will tell you is this story is filled with the greatest kind of love where anything is possible.

This book was definitely one of my all time favourites. The story was written beautifully and no doubt was left about how talented the Author is. Ann Lister literally covers every aspect of her stories. Just sheer brilliance that leaves me wanting more. I am off to read book 3 in The Rock God Series, it seems to be a favourite amongst readers so I am looking forward to beginning a whole new chapter.



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