Fret by Sandrine Gasq-Dion


Fret by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I read this book in one sitting. After reading Harley’s Achilles I had to read the beginning of the series, I was desperate to know where it all began and I was dying to get to know all these incredible characters.
After deciding to come out to his fans, Gareth Wolf expected to be treated differently and that the press was going to have a field day, however, never in a million years was he expecting to attract the attention of a stalker, and not any stalker, but someone who actually wants him dead.
Gareth, loves playing, it is in his veins, as the lead bass player for the Skull Blasters his place in the band came up by a trick of destiny, but after growing up admiring the group from the sidelines now he is as prominent as the next and he is fast thrown into the limelight. As the tension and death treats escalate he seems to be needing professional help and who best to look after him but ex Navy Seal, Axel Blaze.
Axel Blaze, even his name oozes heat!. He has never done this type of job, but there is no doubt in his boss’s mind that he is indeed the man for it. As soon as Axel arrives to the scene he is very quickly faced with the reality that the security not only for Gareth but for all members of the group is less than par. They must come with the realisation that they are BIG stars and danger is lurking in the shadows.
The connection between Axel and Gareth is instantaneous, however Gareth hates the fact of being watched his every move and feeling in need of a babysitter. Axel on the other hand takes his job very seriously, and he wont stop at nothing in order to make sure his client is safe. Soon lines are being crossed making them both feel an alien attraction. It is so unfamiliar it can only be due to the fact of being in close proximity right??? Well that is what they both think. But when someone’s life is on that line those feelings have to be put on hold; too much is at stake, loosing is not an option. Friendships are tested, everyone is a suspect and the emotions are put to the test. The heat is ON!

I absolutely loved every minute of this book. It was fast, and fun and suspenseful, however there is plenty of romance and oh yes u guessed it SEX!
The Rock Gods is perfectly crafted. A must read for all lovers of MM genre. Downloading the #2 RIGHT NOW.

5 BLAZING STARS!! Isalovesbooks

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