Wife Number Seven by Melissa Brown


Wife Number Seven by Melissa Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wife Number Seven

A lot of my book/author friends were raving about Melissa’s book Wife Number Seven, so I had to read it. Best decision ever! Sometimes I am disappointed when reading a book with a lot of hype because my expectations are too high, but not this time.

Brinley is the 22 year old 7th wife to Lehi who is about 25 years older. Lehi is a respected member of the polygamist community in which they live. He has a few secrets of his own.

“But I had my secrets. A voice inside me told me I didn’t belong here, that there was another life waiting for me. And with each passing year, by that voice became louder.”

The interactions between the sister wives is such an interesting dynamic. Melissa did a great job of giving us a peak into their home and daily lives.

Brinley, outwardly, is the dutiful quiet wife. Internally she has been struggling for a long time knowing there is something more meant for her life. Brinley has secrets that she keeps hidden in her purse. Out shopping for her family one day, her purse is stolen by a thief that she recognizes as a former member of her community that was exiled at a young age. She and Porter had been somewhat of friends as children. She desperately needs her purse returned and tracks Porter down to retrieve it.

“But, those whispers were coming together, becoming more cohesive, clearer and louder in my head than ever before.
From a whisper to a scream.
I was waiting for the scream.”

Yes this is a romance, and a dangerous one, but Brinley’s story is so much more than just a romance. This is a story of her coming out of the shell she has been placed in to experience everything life has to offer her. The horrors of the communal polygamist LDS lifestyle tears your heart out; mostly for the woman and children, but a few of the men as well.

“I deserve a man who will love me, protect me, and cherish me. A man who would climb through my window to give me a way to communicate with him. A man who will put me first.”

Brinley’s sister wife Aspen is a great surprise and wonderful support to Brinley, albeit sometimes secretly. The newest sister wife Rebecca’s story is a heart breaking subplot. Melissa was just having a field day with all my feels and thought she would make me cry a little more.

Porter was exiled at a young age and thrown to the wolves with no support, no instruction and a nominal amount of money. This situation apparently being common so the elder’s don’t have to compete with the younger men for wives. The seemingly smallest of indiscretions get them sent packing. Porter went the way of most abandon children and became an addict.

Wife Number Seven is an amazing story of growth and love.

“But on this day, I was strong enough in my conviction, strong enough in my actions, and strong enough in my own words.”

Reviewed by Becky for Jo&IsaLoveBooks

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