Complicate Me by M.Robinson


Complicate Me by M. Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow a fantastic start to the series! I’ve read the books in different order and still have enjoyed them thoroughly.
The story was addictive from the get go but then that’s M’s style, she grasps your attention and doesn’t let go till the last page.
We meet Lucas and Alex, or half pint as she’s known amongst the good OL’ boys. Lucas, Jacob, Dylan and Austin have all grown up together. Alex, properly Alexandra has always felt part of the group, being 2 years younger than Lucas and one of the youngest amongst the group, has always had the protection and care from all the boys, particularly from Lucas. They have shared a bond that has been there even from when Alex was inside her momma’s belly. Something so powerful can’t never be broken, it can be bent and it can be moulded but it can never be broken, well that summarises the way the relationship between Alex and Lucas is. Complicated.
When you grow up loving someone it is not easy to distinguish how deep that love runs, but also the person becomes such an important part of who you are that thinking of anything else would only change the logistics and the balance of that friendship, the risk of loosing that is too big. The couple spent most of their life in a constant state of turmoil, fighting their feelings, fighting their friends, their families and ultimately themselves.
I was going from elation to mortification to rage to sorrow to happiness, well you can see the pattern, M put me through the wringer, she chewed me in and spat me out lol.
You just have to read to understand where I’m coming from. I loved every second of the story and it was beautiful also to see not only the relationship between Alex and Lucas blossom but also the friendship amongst the group. I now only need Austin story to finish my journey through this series and my life will be complete.

5 Mind boggling STARS!!!!!

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