Finding Forgiveness by Sloane Kennedy


Finding Forgiveness by Sloane Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a beautiful story!
I’m only sorry I have started from the end and not in order but when I read the synopsis for this book I just knew I had to read it.
Sloane is a new author to me but I now know she will become a favourite amongst a fine group of MM writers.
Finding forgiveness is a tale of redemption and second chances but overall is a story about survival and love.
Hunter is a young man who unfortunately has been raised by an abusive father, whilst reading I felt so much rage and anger for what this man submitted his son to. One fateful night and a wrong decision changed Hunter’s life and he has lived in turmoil and fear. Trying to come to terms with the realisation of his actions has left him vulnerable and confused and he has found solace and expiation in a very negative form, it’s the only way for him to seek the punishment he seems to deserve, this puts him in the path of Roman. They didn’t meet in the best of circumstances, and Hunter would have preferred to have been swallowed by the ground than to have anyone seen him at his lowest. But this incident sets in motion the most passionate and heartfelt story.
Roman has his own personal demons, he is also older than Hunter, he’s confident about his sexuality. Reason was telling him not to get involved and turn his back on the brutal act happening in front of him, but it was like being half of a magnet, fate was pushing him towards his future unbeknown to him, that split second of irrational thinking brought him face to face with Hunter and his life changes drastically from that moment on.

Beautifully written and with so much raw emotion that would move any reader, this book deals with a sad and harsh reality that would touch your heart.

5 STARS. Isalovesbooks

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