Make You Mine by Ann Lister

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Make You Mine by Ann Lister
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rock God, Cooper Rand. What can I tell you about this man? He is irresistible for starters, he’s the fun guy to be around. His partying lifestyle is lively to say the least but there does become a time in everyone’s life when they start to think about more. Until Cooper met Jayson the word ‘more’ didn’t even enter his vocabulary.

Jayson Keller is Chase’s best friend, you might have met him in book two ‘Take What You Want’ and if you haven’t, boy do you need to read that story. Jayson met Cooper at a party being hosted by the awesome Alex who you can also read about in book two. They strike you a friendship, friends with benefits some might say. God this book was hot, how the pages didn’t burst into flames while I was reading is a mystery because it certainly was too hot to handle.

Cooper has had endless hook ups, living the Rock Star lifestyle to it’s fullest, partying, drinking, smoking, women, men, totally not choosey. Him and Wheland liked to play around. When Cooper’s way of thinking starts to change, Wheland does not make it easy for him.

Cooper and Jayson become real close both thinking of a future but then unsure of what the other is thinking. Life has not been easy for either of these guys and Jayson is still dealing with a lot. Cooper wants to be there for him when things go bad but Jayson hasn’t quite grasped the concept of being in a relationship yet. Mistakes are made, people get hurt and only true love can survive.

This was a passionate story filled with love, friendship and some seriously HOT sex. Every time I read another book from the Rock Gods series, I think, oh I love him and this is the best book by far but in reality they are all amazing and I couldn’t just choose one.

This is a must read for all M/M Romances lovers, nobody throws out passion like the Rock Gods.

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