Scarlett and the Feds by S.L. Baker RELEASE DAY BLITZ

Author: S.L. Baker

Title: Scarlett and The Feds

Series: Yes

Genre: Crime Fiction/Romance

Release Date: 3/17/16


About me: SL Baker grew up in a small New England town but was lured to the coast of North Carolina by the sweet smell of the Azaleas and the beckoning of the ocean and most important no snow or bone chilling temperatures. When not writing she works full time as an account manager and is raising three kids and sometimes can squeeze in running or maybe even sleeping. Writing began as a hobby a late night elixir to relax and blossomed into her debut into erotic romance scene with the first novel of the series Scarlett and the Mobster that blends Sothern charm and innocence with the grit and turbulence of the mob exploding into a combustible mixture that is sure to leave her reader craving more. Her writing style is inspired by the words of a dear friend that writing not only frees the mind but heals the soul. SL is no novice to the literary world having written two novels before both in the medical thriller genre. Her journey into erotic romance has just begun so strap in and enjoy the ride.




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  1. “We still faced a daunting, terrifying opponent, but the odds were not impossible. I felt for a brief second we’d survive this. I had a mobster in my corner.”


  1. Scarlett rubbed her hands together in anticipation usually his surprises result with me lying in a marinade of my own juices and Scarlett puffing on a cigar.


  1. Scarlett was so excited she almost peed. She was going to get the chance to kick some gangster booty tonight. I was terrified. Shit was going to get real. I’m overcome with so many emotions all mixed together it was overwhelming. I was walking into a death trap and the odds of someone not dying tonight was slim. I just prayed it wasn’t Victor, Hawke or me. Scarlett rubbed my shoulder like a manager does to his boxer before he heads back into the ring to get the shit beat out of him. I didn’t want to go into the ring with Joe Salvatore because I would be one lying face down in a pool of my own blood.


  1. My body surrendered to the trauma of the last few hours. Luke lay passed out in a pool of his blood with only nine fingers, and I had a target on my back — put there by the Godfather of the East Coast Mob. I collapsed into Victor’s arms; even the smelling salts Scarlett fished out of her purse didn’t work. I drifted between the two worlds of consciousness and un-consciousness.


  1. Both my inner badass goddess Scarlett and I knew they would vanish in traditional Mob fashion, and no-one would ask any questions.


  1. Victor was right. As long as I had that book, we were safe. I knew that Victor’s father didn’t care who he had to torture or kill to get what he wanted. He would protect the scandals and corruption in that book, even if it meant killing his own son in the process.


  1. Scarlett snatched it and started sniffing to see if she could catch the scent of vodka…she’d even settled for cheap gin at this point. She was disgusted to find out the diet coke was a virgin.


  1. My sweet spot knocked my stomach out cold with a right hook and Scarlett did the count-down three-two-one— and then rang the bell. Out. My sweet spot was a raging forest fire as Victor un-hooked my bra and sucked each one of my nipples, his hands still massaging my ass. His fingers sliding under the lace of my panties tormenting my sweet spot. Scarlett whipped out a pair of scissors to cut off my panties. Victor grabbed my hips and pushed me onto his lap, his lips devouring every inch of mine. I could feel my orgasm building fast.


  1. He whispered in my ear his warm breath giving me chills. “I love you so much, baby.”

“I love you too,” I whispered.

I got out of the black sedan and headed back to my car, praying my legs wouldn’t give out. I had made a deal with the devil twice today, first Nelson and then the FEDS.


  1. Victor picked me up his lips savoring mine like fine wine and put me on the leather seat his hands around my waist and he pulled down my jeans thrusting his manliness inside my throbbing sweet spot on verge of collapsing from sheer exhaustion, but so full of want and lust it was out of control. The primal scream that radiated from the vineyard echoed for miles. I collapsed into Victors arm every ounce of my strength stripped from my body.
  2. Victor grabbed my hand and led me back to the master bedroom. I wrestled with begging him to take me right then and there; the thought of an ongoing orgasm was exciting, exhausting and fuckin erotic as hell.  I nodded, not sure if I could survive that long. My Sweet spot was begging for a shot of adrenaline, or even IV caffeine at this point. Scarlett was drawing the syringe of her own concoction of Vodka and three energy shots and pure unadulterated sugar and lots of it, with a pinch of chocolate a lethal combo at high doses.


  1. My deal with the Feds and walking the tightrope between life and death was swallowing me up. It was suffocating to know there was no easy way out.  Scarlett used to only show up in a crisis or when I need a burst of courage, but Scarlett and I were becoming one. Our lives hanging by a thread and every option leads to someone I love getting hurt or even worse. Collateral damage of decisions I’ve made
  2. Victor pulled me into his lap and began kissing me. His tongue marking its territory, my sweet spot was revving faster than the jets engine. He put his hand inside my thigh and began massaging my inner thigh, then disappeared under my skirt. My sweet spot was at fifty thousand feet and climbing and Scarlett had strapped on the parachute she knew this orgasm might blow out the windows. Victor slid his finger in my sweet spot and pulled my breasts out of my blouse and began nibbling each one. I kissed his neck and stacked my claim on his lips my hand undid his belt and slid down his pants. His manliness was ready. Yanking off my panties with one swipe of his hand I straddled him. We both groaned when he thrust his manliness in my sweet spot. Scarlett was reviewing the safety manual on how to open the safety hatch. My orgasm was so intense I thought the oxygen masks would hit us in the head at any second. We orgasm simultaneously and I swear for a second I though the jet lurched downward. I sat in Victor’s arms panting my heart racing. Neither of us spoke. The sound of Scarlett popping the cork of another bottle of bubbly snapped me out of my sex coma.


  1. Our kiss was long and passionate our lips and tongues expressing how deep our love really was. When Victor pulled back I was out of breath, but my sweet spot was still building. Fuck this is going be one hell of a ride. The sunset almost took my breath away, Victors kiss still holds that record. His hand slid up my dress and wasted no time sliding off my panties. Victor laying on his stomach his lips and tongue devoured my clit and my back arched and I squirmed in sheer bliss. I hear Scarlett yell Jesus H what a ride as my orgasm smashed into the beach simultaneously. Victor using his tongue licked the sides of my stomach slowly savoring every single inch. My nipple were already craving his lips and the sensation of the ocean breeze and Victors lips made my sweet spot paddled out into the surf for another ride. Victor lips gently kissed my neck as I felt his manliness stake its claim. The moon danced off his tanned amazing ass and as a wave crashed ashore the water just reaching our toes both of us let out a primal scream that possibly set off a few alarm systems along the beach. I was waiting for the goons to descend guns drawn.
  2. My sweet spot was ready for round two with my stomach, but this time my stomach beat the crap out of my sweet spot. Before I was lured by the smells of heaven on a plate, Scarlett walked out of the closet dressed in a dominatrix outfit, ready and tapping the riding crop in her hand. She was ready to spank the devil out of Victor. She had an evil smirk on her face ready for pay back. I pointed back to the closet. She sighed and disappeared inside to sulk.

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