Dark N' Stormy by Angela Stevens

REVIEWED BY Monique Cashmere

Dark ‘N’ Stormy by Angela Stevens
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the third book in the Cocktail Series, but my first and by this author. They are all standalones.

In this novel, we have Finn’s story. He is one of the flatmates, along with Ash and Lisa, and also a work colleague to London who is Ash’s girlfriend. Finn is your typical mid 20’s kinda guy, playing the field and having fun not committing to a relationship. That is until he meets Julia Royston when she walks into the Hockey Punk. They end up back at her house that rainy night, drinking Dark ‘n’ Stormy’s to set the mood. Finn falls for her, and it makes him realise that a relationship with Julia is something he wants. But will it last? Is she the woman he thought she was? Finn will need the backup of his flatmates more so than ever.

This book had interesting parts, but fell a bit short for me. I didn’t connect with the characters very well and at times was confused who the heroine was. The hero went through quite a bit and even though I felt for his situation, I felt he was a wishy washy and lacking in strength.

I received a copy for an honest review.
Reviewed for JoandIsaLoveBooksBlog.

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