Looking At Forever by Ann Lister

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Looking At Forever by Ann Lister
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I totally did not expect to fall in love with Wheland. In book three ‘Make You Mine’, I became unsure of him. His motives left a bad taste in my mouth. I know everyone makes mistakes ,it’s part of life, live and learn as they say. I think Wheland is definitely learning from his mistakes but the past is exactly that and needs to stay there or can it?

Rooster a blast from Wheland’s past enters his life just when he most needs a friend but it’s a tough situation because he is very much attracted to Rooster. Wheland has a very dominate nature especially in the bedroom and no one has ever been able to handle him or his demands. Will Wheland ever be able to live a life with someone that embraces his dominate side.

Rooster can’t believe what he is doing. He is heading for the biggest heart break of his life and just can’t stop himself. Being a natural submissive, he can see Wheland is a true dominate and is craving him in a huge way.

Explosive that is what pops into my head. The chemistry between these two guys is like a bomb waiting to go off. I am like get naked already, LOL!! BDSM is a lifestyle choice, some may experiment with some form of BDSM, others choose to live the lifestyle. Being in a committed relationship and living the BDSM lifestyle is not uncommon.

This story pulled every emotion from me, the unexpected happening and completely took me by surprise. God, I think I even held my breath at one point. I just did not see that happening.

Wheland really is a beautiful man inside and out. He deserves to live his life the way he chooses. He may not have any real family around him but he has his band brothers and as Alex’s says ‘they are brothers by choice’.

I recommend this book to all lovers of M/M Romance with some elements of BDSM. Another epic story by the very talented Ann Lister. I’m off to read book five. I just can’t get enough of these guys.

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