Vivid by Jessica Wilde

REVIEWED by Micky Barnard

Vivid by Jessica Wilde
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

The perfect recipe:
10 oz grumpy, injured soldier
6 oz nurse
50 oz sexual tension
A whole load of issues – mix thoroughly and bake for 300 pages or so.

I think you can tell that I enjoyed this book and I lost myself within its pages for just over a day. I have to be honest and say it isn’t totally original in terms of concept but there were unique differences that made it undpredictable. Both the characters of Merrick and Grace were well developed and had real depth. They warred, they sizzled, they shared and they were friends.

I was impressed by Jessica Wilde’s writing. I hadn’t heard of her prior to seeing a couple of friends read the book over Christmas but I am glad I did. Both the cover and the title fit the book so perfectly. There is talent between the pages of this book and I’m off to recommend it to some of my book friends.

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One thought on “Vivid by Jessica Wilde

  1. Thank you so much for such an incredible review! I am so thrilled you enjoyed Vivid and this truly means the world to me! ❤❤😘


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