Bent, Not Broken by Suki Sather


Bent, Not Broken by Suki Sather
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Delaney is ordinary college student and has a normal life. She has been feeling that someone is always watching her and looking after her. She has some strange dreams and feels there is something wrong with her or like there is a piece of her that is missing. Malik is her protector and watches over her. He has known a great love with her but had to let her go, to protect her. He wants nothing more for her to remember her past and come back to him. There is some challenges in the way. They will have to conquer the war that rages against them. Will they conquer it and find there way back together again?

This is the first book I have read by Suki Sather. The story is amazing. I loved how Suki described the scenes in vivid detail. It makes you feel like you are there. I enjoyed this action packed book. It had you at the edge of your seat and the ending was perfect. I will be reading more from Suki in the future.

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