Love on Location by Lucy Felthouse

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Love on Location by Lucy Felthouse
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You can fall in love anywhere, anytime, it’s not like you can plan these things. Life, love, location, circumstances if it’s meant to be, then so be it.

Theo is an Actor and is sent to yet another location for filming. He loves being an Actor but you can sense he’s lonely. Eddie works around the gardens where Theo is filming. These two lovely men strike up a friendship and leaves no doubt to where it will eventually lead.

Theo and Eddie are very much in the closet, both having reasons for not outing themselves as being Gay. Anything they do must remain a secret but for how long? There is really no solution to them attempting a relationship, both leading very different lives, living far away from each other, it’s not practical at all for them to be involved with each other. Does that stop them? Nope it does not and thank God for that.

It’s always a pleasure reading a book by this Author. She builds up a beautiful romantic story that at first you are unsure if it will give you a happy ever after. The characters are lovable and very believable which always help me connect with her stories.

This was a short read but if you love M/M romance, you will enjoy this book.

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