Meant For Me by Ann Lister

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Meant For Me by Ann Lister
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

They say there is someone for everyone in this world but finding that one person you connect with and can share the rest of your life with is harder than it sounds. True love can sometimes be the hardest thing to accept. This book gives you insight to a friendship that grows into love and most definitely lust. It’s beautifully written making you swoon for the love you can feel lighting up your heart.

Jared and Tony have been friends for years, living together, they became inseparable until the day they crossed a line which there is no turning back. Things become awkward between them. Tony wants to sort it out, believing if he is honest with Jared that they can move forward. Jared on the other hand wants to avoid all contact with Tony at all costs, even going so far as moving out of the apartment they have shared together for so long.

It’s a tough time for both men, missing each other but neither will make the first move. It’s actually painful to read in the sense that you want them together so badly it hurts to think they won’t find their way to each other.

Members of the band are starting to notice the tension between Tony and Jared. Wheland decides to have a chat or two with his friends telling them basically there’s no use in denying their feelings any longer. They need to talk and sort it out. Gotta love Wheland, he’s come so far since I first read about him. He knows what he wants now and there is no stopping him.

One thing to be said about all these guys, they are there for each other no matter how difficult the situation may be. They have a very close bond with one another. ‘Brothers by choice’ I love it when they say this.

Tony has some tough choices to make, not wanting to take advantage of the fact Jared is very poorly but the poor man is put in some very awkward situations. He’s only human after all and Jared is a beautiful man. I’d definitely take advantage. What? like you didn’t think the same thing. LOL!!

This was another sensational read by a fantastic writer. The M/M genre would be missing out without The Rock Gods series. I would 100% recommend to all lovers of M/M romance.

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