Revive by Claire Thake


Revive by Claire Thake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was indeed a very emotional and touching story.

I don’t think anyone can comprehend the ordeal of loosing those who you hold dear, particularly when you think you have it all. We get to see a small glimpse of Carrie’s ideal life at the beginning of the story, how things were perfect and everyone was happy. After what we presumed to be an ordeal we are transported to the present day when we see a different Carrie. She is independent and hardworking, News from home reach her and she is faced with a tough decision. In order to move on she has learnt to be someone else, she believes that by erasing everyone from her past she has shield her heart from painful reminders. Living like that unfortunately hasn’t allowed her to let go of her past, even though time has passed her by it is like being in a pretend bubble where nobody can touch her and only she knows the truth. As Carrie faces her past and is reunited with her family she starts to come to terms with what she has lost and the realisation of what she has been missing out on. A new love interests appears when she least expects it, pushing her to choose if to live in the past or to embrace the future.
This book was a lovely surprise. A breath of fresh air. Those who love second chance stories will be totally engrossed in this book. The characters are charming and the connection between them is very powerful. Revive will teach the reader the true value of family, the opportunities that life gives us and the incredible healing power of Love.

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