Something Wicked by Sorcha McInnes

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Something Wicked by Sorcha McInnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wickedly awesome. My only complaint, I want more, I’m not happy with the Unknown. This story has so much more to it and quite frankly, I’m not liking the waiting.

Millie has magical powers that unfortunately she is unable to use. Why? I’m not sure yet. She sees herself as the black sheep of the family. Personally I think she’s the best of the bunch.

Colm is a bad boy who Millie is very much attracted to. God when will us women learn? Probably never but when a man is drop dead gorgeous then proceeds to rock your world, who cares if he’s a bad boy.

All is not what it seems and actually took me by surprise. I mean I thought I had the whole story worked out but apparently not.

I’m very excited for book two coming out. Besides Millie and Colm there’s some great characters I’m hoping to read more about and some I’d like to see chained up and that’s not in any sexually way, well unless it’s Colm, even Logan, by all accounts he’s going to be bad boy number two. So yeah lots going on and lots more to come for sure.

I would recommend this book to all lovers of paranormal romance but and I do mean but if you don’t like waiting for the real ending of a story, I suggest you wait.

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