The Three-Week Arrangement by Sarah Ballance

REVIEWED BY Melinda Lazar

The Three-Week Arrangement by Sarah Ballance
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Three Week Arrangement by Sarah Ballance

I only came across this series and author very recently and am quite enjoying the author’s writing.

This is book three in the series and is about the still-grieving Ethan and thrill-seeking Rue. These two are polar opposites in what they want from life and experiencing their journey with them was fun and exciting. I did expect a bit of emotion to come out while reading this but it wasn’t there and you know what? That was more than fine. It wasn’t supposed to be about Ethan dwelling on his past and his loss, it was about him moving forward and embracing life and eventually taking risks with his heart. I think Rue was perfect for him; she’s restless, dissatisfied with living a socialite kind of life, and is constantly looking for the next big career-thrill. I think Ethan and Rue complement each other nicely and their story was a lovely one. I really love that Ballance created such a strong character in Rue, one who stayed true to herself.

As I mentioned, this is book three in the Chase Brothers series and while it can certainly be read as a standalone, I would recommend reading the previous two series in order to fully appreciate the Chase family and the dynamics surrounding them. I recommend this book and series as a whole.

*arc received from NetGalley in exchange for honest review.

*Reviewed by Melinda from Jo&IsaLoveBooks Blog.

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