Seering Truth by Taquila S Thompson Release Blitz


Release Blitz:
Seering Truth
Taquila Thompson
Apr 11th
Imagine waking up and finding out
you’re a witch and your father is a demon in the underworld. Mickella gets hit
with this and much more news about a prophecy where she will ultimately
determine the fate of the world. Emotions run high as she finds out everyone is
hiding a secret from her and she makes a decision that harms the person who she
really needs…..will she be able to make it right? Or will all hope be lost
for the world as she knows it?



Taquila Thompson is a 24 year old single mom of three
who was recently signed to G Street Chronicles. she has released Hood Wolves
1&2&3, Never Been A Daddy’s Girl, B.A.D and also has a children’s book
out titled Visiting Daddy. She is determined to make a splash in the literary
world by staying true to herself. If you have not read anything from her you
definitely should check her out.




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