Swinging In Paradise: An Erotic Novel By J.W. Snootz


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Swinging In Paradise (The Paradise Series #1)

by J.W. Snootz


What do you get when you drop eleven sexy friends in the middle of the ocean on a pristine private beach with a seemingly endless supply of cocktails? The Crew, as they lovingly refer to themselves, is about to find out. The group has grown close over the years, both in, and out of “the lifestyle.” After six months of drudgery since their last outing together, they are more than ready for their next great sexual adventure–The island of Beora West. After the initial buzz wears off, their curiosity gets the better of them and they set off to explore the island. What they find is nothing short of baffling, but there are some secrets even the untamed jungle around them can’t hide. When one of them disappears, it becomes clear things are not what they seem. Who is behind the hidden agenda that brought them all to Beora West? What happened to their friend…and what dangers lie beyond the barricaded north shores? What the Crew finds is more than they bargained for, but what they lose may be too much to endure.







J.W. Snootz here I have been writing since from a very young age. Never learning to print as a child, and having to learn cursive writing inspired me to write a lot as a youth. Since then my stories were always written for myself and a few close friends and family. Finally getting a push from my wife to create more elaborate stories and share them with the world, here I am. Growing up all over the Midwest and traveling extensively you will always find some truth in all the stories I write. Erotica is something I enjoy writing, I find enjoyment in pushing people to find their own limits, and then step beyond them. Life is too short to live inside a khaki colored box.

I love to write in a variety of different genres and enjoy genre bending stories that keep you guessing with plenty of real life characters to relate to. I enjoy reading a lot of different story types as well. I love 80’s movies, Bruce Lee Marathons, all things horror and zombies. When I am not working hard at writing I am usually out and about with my family. Our house is always busy with six boys a dog and a cat there is never a dull moment. I also love to hear from and interact with the fans and other authors whether at a book signing or online. Please always feel free to say hi and share your kind thoughts.

You may visit my website and find out more about me, my social media outlets, and of course my books www.jwsnootz.com

“If you don’t like the truth then don’t make it the truth!”






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