Dogs Dance by Larion Wills


Dogs Dance by Larion Wills
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Larion Wills
Dogs Dance

Dogs Dance, a wonderful historic western with a bit of romance. It had all the feels and quite a few surprises that gave me a great wow at the end.

Jim Liberty works for Cass on his cattle ranch. He is endeavoring to make a life for himself and start his own ranch, but the obstacles are boundless it seems. The prejudice and hypocrisy of the old west comes out loud and clear.

Anna is a special young lady and most entertaining. She is soft in a world of hard.

Doc Edwards is a endearing character and I enjoyed him every much. He is everything I would picture an historic doctor to be.

Larion Wills’ is a wonderful story teller and I was drawn into Dogs Dance from the beginning. I loved that I was surprised with a few twists. I hurt for Jim Liberty, and understood his anger. Anna is such a unique character.

Entertaining read!

Reviewed by Becky for Jo&IsaLoveBooks

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