Omorphi by C. Kennedy

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Omorphi by C. Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out and relax. Nope that’s not working at all. To say I am feeling emotional right now is an understatement.
History believes that Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest writer in English literature. I believe Cody Kennedy is the greatest writer of our time.
The creativity through his writing is exceptional to say the least. Attention to detail is extensive. This powerful, heart warming yet overwhelming story grips you from start to finish.

This book is one very compelling story about a young man named Christy. He has lived for many years a captive. The abuse he suffered is incomprehensible. Christy has great strength, he seeks to be healed and to be freed of those captive years. His story will take you on a journey of him trying to rebuild his life with a whole lot of help. Sometimes it was hard to hear what had happened in Christy’s past but what got me through reading this book was where he is now. I wanted to know it all. The why? The how? What will happen next? Saying this is a page turner is putting it mildly.

Michael is a young man about to finish his senior year. He has his whole life ahead of him. He is the most understanding and shows great affection for someone so young. His life is about to change forever, many would say not for the better but I think he would strongly disagree. He has the most amazing friendship with Jake. They have been friends since they were born. I never knew that a bond so strong between to people was possible. Jake has known for many years that Michael is Gay which only made him even more protective of Michael.

The teasing remarks between Michael and Jake and their close friends had me giggling. I was filled with as much joy as as sadness whilst reading. The characters in this book were very well explained that I could visualise them. This is huge credit to the Author having such an amazing talent for attention to detail bringing the story to life.

Michael and Jake not only look out for each other, they start to look after others in their school. It warmed my heart to read what they did for their peers. As you are probably aware bullies are everywhere in this world and even though Jake is a hetrosexual young man, he has no prejudice against anyone’s sexuality. After all, his best friend Michael is gay and he would defend him with his life.

Michael and Christy develop a relationship that is very profound. It takes great courage for Christy to open up to Michael. The start of any new relationship can bring both excitement and nervousness, the feeling of butterflies in your stomach when seeing someone you feel very much attracted to can bring a smile to your face. Michael and Christy have so much to deal with besides the usual feelings. The saying from ancient Roman poet Virgil ‘Love can conquer all’ springs to mind.

I have undoubtedly been taken on an extraordinary journey involving a rollercoaster of emotions with each page I read. Seventy seven chapters, four hundred and eighty pages and an epilogue later and I still want more. Luckily for me Tharros book two in the Elpida series is out today, 14 April 2016.
Elpida is a Greek word which means hope and boy do I hope Christy gets his wish.

C.Kennedy I just wanted to say, you have deeply touched my heart once again. I thank you for bringing such a soul-stirring story into my life.

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