Tharros by C. Kennedy

REVIEWED BY Joanne Swinney

Thárros by C. Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 tryferós stars

FULL: This is my mind right now, full, packed with thoughts about this book. C. Kennedy certainly knows how to pull out every emotion you may ever possibly feel, sadness, anger, disgust, happiness, surprise and love. I have taken quite a dramatic journey while reading this story. The one thing that stands out above all the rest is courage.

I had to read, no not had, I needed to read this book after reading book one, Omorphi. It’s the kind of story that warms your heart but at the same time it feels like it’s being ripped out. Book one is not left on any sort of cliffhanger but you will want to read more. I just finished this story last night and I am already eagerly awaiting book three.

Christy is a young man who has suffered greatly, I mean he has literally been tortured, both sexually and physically for many years. After reading so many of the extremely horrifying acts of abuse that Christy had endured is just….. well it is hard to grasp how he still functions everyday. I could see the struggles he was trying to overcome, each scene playing over in my mind while reading. I realise this is no easy feat but the talent of this writer is phenomenal.

Fear is Christy’s biggest nightmare. He wants to feel safe, to no that he will never have to feel such pain again. It is heart breaking to hear such things but boy is he brave. Tharros in Greek means courage, strength. Christy has great courage, many times he may not think so but for what he has been through and now trying to achieve is just remarkable.

If you have read book one you will know that, Michael is a beautiful young man inside and out. He has a heart the size of the ocean, understanding beyond his years, the patience of a saint. He is unequivocally the most extraordinary young man I have ever come across. His life was all mapped out, finish senior year, get through the USATF tryouts, go to Oxford and although this is still the plan, it’s becoming much harder to achieve. Michael’s life has become dangerous, he is faced with danger at every turn. He will protect Christy with his life, he could never just stand by and watch. People say sometimes love can make us do stupid things, well I tend to agree but if it wasn’t for Michael’s love for Christy, I also believe there would no longer be a story because Christy would be no more.

Just when you think life is going to be okay for these young men and their friends, there is another shock or surprise in store. Sometimes I found myself holding my breath and thinking OMG!! how much more can these boys go through. You know what got them this far besides great courage? Friendship and love. The friendships that have been formed since the start of book one is amazing. A group like no other, looking out for each other, helping when they can but must of all the support.

Although there can be great sadness at times while reading, the laugh out loud moments I have had was just what I needed. Christy is becoming very humorous. Sometimes he has that cheeky smile where he knows he is being funny, other times when others are cracking up with laughter around him, I think he is unaware that what he said was actually hilarious. The interview scene took me over the edge, I could not breathe for laughing. Honestly you must read this book. If I was talking to Christy right now his response would be ‘I will do this’.

If I had to sum up this whole story into one word it would be magnificent. I highly recommend reading the Elpida series. Starting with book one Omorphi.

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