HERO by Bella Love-Wins


Hero by Bella Love-Wins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was enjoying this book so much and was left in such an estate of wonder was desperate to keep on reading. I had this book in my kindle for a while and last I expected was to end up having to get 3 more books. The story is original and quite fast paced but I don’t know if I have the time to read the next parts, sometimes with stories like this I would prefer authors just to finish the story and make it a standalone. I guess it will have to come down to how desperate I am to keep on reading.
As Kate looses her home and possessions in a fire, she is thrown into the limelight and into the arms of Lieutenant Matt Lewis who seems to be Hero personified. Rescuing someone from a blazing fire makes Kate a celebrity and her life is completely transformed by one nights events. She seems to think at least something good has come out of the devastating experience and loss when she falls hard and fast into the arms of Matt. But in true suspenseful way all comes crashing down one fateful morning as she comes face to face with Matt’s girlfriend and her ex-coworker Joy, a name which its actually the opposite of what she is feeling.

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