Let's Dance Again by Charlotte Eve


Let’s Dance Again by Charlotte Eve
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Super glad to read the continuation of Dylan and Julia’s story.

I was very interested to see if their long distance relationship actually lasted as most of them don’t. You don’t get much more long distance than overseas. As the story goes along Julia is getting the long distance doubts.

Bravo to Dylan for not allowing her to give up her dream of dancing.

When Julia tries to end their relationship he does everything in his power to prove they will make it.

Big kudos to Bella for catching onto her Mom and setting her straight. This girl is a riot!

This book just kept getting better as I read along. It got intense with Dylan’s Mom, Natalia and her crazy boyfriend. While reading this book I laughed, I cried and I cheered.

It’s too easy to give spoilers…just will say you absolutely must read this book! It’s awesome! Also right now (date posted review), book 1, Dance with the Billionaire is ‘free’. I’d start with that one so you get the full scope of Dylan and Julia’s story.

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