The Manny by Susan Ward


The Manny by Susan Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh the mother of all cliffhangers!!!

This book was gripping from the get go. It was highly entertaining and wonderfully written.

Graham has lived his life without any attachments and so far that has worked well. His job makes it hard to totally commit to one person which has never bothered him before. He suddenly finds himself single and unemployed and this puts things into perspective making Graham restless and with a sense of loneliness and foreboding he hasn’t felt before.

A chance encounter with a gorgeous man brings Graham out of his funk and into the arms of Leland; the complete opposite of Graham, “Lee” has had the love of a husband and a daughter, but has also experience loss and betrayal.

Things suddenly aren’t so serendipitous and both men will have a common goal. Leland seems to be able to express his feelings better than Graham who struggles with Trust and control and has to decide if going for what he craves is truly the path to happiness.

I was hooked from the very first page. There are so many unresolved things which I’m dying to get the answer to in the next instalment. Filled with twists, turns and plenty of MM steamy moments are what make this book a MUST READ!!

5 MANNYficent STARS!!! Isalovesbooks

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